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We get hundreds of calls, emails, and messages throughout the year from clients for our services - as we work Nationally our enquiry rate is obviously high.
The kitchen cabinet and bedroom wardrobe furniture paint spraying refinishing industry is broken down into three different types of price categories, just like many other service trades. Not all service providers trading in this industry are the same as its vast becoming saturated by carpenters, decorators and auto body spray finishers, when originally this type of work was carried out by expert wood refinishers and French polishers who work in the finishing spray-shops and carry out the work onsite when needed.
When obtaining a service, it is the level of service that is being purchased, not a product. The price of a product can easily be compared from shop to shop, the price of a service can not as the service itself will change depending on the cost.

Cheap Low Value Service

This type of service can result in a 'DIY' finish. It is often carried out by tradesmen inexperienced in the industry, offering low prices simply to attract clients.
They will very often be unobtainable after the work has been completed or if any problems arise throughout the job. The quality of the products used will not be professional and the end result will not last.
They may lack basic business requirements such as insurance and their equipment will not provide the desired results. The work quality is normally very poor especially when pointed out by a true expert with years of experience in the industry.

Competitive Service

The competitive market is the most popular, suiting consumers working very closely to a budget. The clients will do some investigation into different companies offering the service they need and comparing quotes.
Unfortunately, most likely the Company is chosen based on the lowest quote or the client will use a lower quote to try to get a higher quote discounted. This can result in the quality of work also being reduced in order to price match.
Again, the price is normally the deciding factor.

Exclusive High Value Service

This is by far the highest end of the industry normally carried out by companies with extensive experience working in the spray finishing and refinishing industry with years of knowledge.
Using high quality products and state of the art spraying application equipment, finishing techniques and custom finishes.
The costs are normally higher than the other two service providers but the end product is also much higher. Your finishes will be expert, flawless and stand the test of time. This will result in the service actually being more competitive, as the refinished item will last much longer.
The service provider will be focused on quality, using quality products and ensuring you receive the very best results with no cost cutting.

Our Service is Exclusive

Here at DMC Refinishing UK we provide an exclusive high value with high quality unique service, separating ourselves from the other markets in the industry. Our costings will always be honest and transparent, but we will focus on making the end finish and service provided the very best it can be. This means we can not compete on price alone. Every project is carefully planned, executed and completed to the very highest of standards as all our clients deserve the very best from our exclusive service. We do fully understand we are not for everyone, but we would love to hear from you if you believe we are the right Company to achieve your dream finish.

Survey and Consultation Cost

If you would like DMC Refinishing UK to come out to your home to carry out a full survey and consultation, followed by a full written quotation, the cost is from £50 depending where you are in the UK. But, if you go ahead with the project we would fully refund this cost back to you on the starting date. If you prefer, you can email images of your project to us and we will reply with an estimated cost before a home visit. If your satisfied with the estimate we can then progress to the onsite survey and consultation as mentioned above.
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