Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much would it cost me to have my kitchen or built in bedroom wardrobes spray paint refinishing?
A. There are hundreds of different styles, sizes and layouts of kitchens or built in bedroom wardrobes so we can only give you an estimated cost when you have emailed us over a few pictures of the kitchen or bedroom wardrobes that you want professionally refinishing.

Q. Can you do it cheaper for me if I pay you cash in hand?
A. We only accept bank transfers, card payments or cash payments, but remember we would not carry out any work cheaper for cash payment as every client and customer always receives a deposit receipt and a fully paid invoice. We do not trade in the bartering system the price is the price.

Q. Are your prices competitive and do you do like for like estimates or Quotes and try to beat other Quotes?
A. We certainly do not do competitive pricing or beat any other prices as our refinishing service is of exclusive high value and high quality. We believe all our niche clients and customers all deserve the very best. So don’t ask is that your best price.

Q. How soon can you do my work?
A. We are normally booked up ahead around six to twelve weeks and in the autumn, winter and spring months a lot longer as our project management are run smoothly and efficiently.

Q. Do you spray kitchen laminated worktops and wall tiles?
A. We do not spray laminated kitchen worktops or wall tiles.

Q. Can I change my appliances, worktops, tile splash back and flooring?
A. We would always say get this type of work carried out first before we start just in case anything gets knocked or scratched, as we always mask up and cover everything with protective covering while we carry out our part of the refinishing.

Q. Do you spray in my home or take the items away?
A. All doors, drawers and kicker boards are normally taken to our workshop to go through the full refinishing process. Then all the other fixed in cabinets are refinished in situ. Please read our kitchen and bedroom service page as this gives you the full process from start to finish.

Q. How long will it take you to respray my kitchen?
A. Every kitchen is different but on average seven to ten days depending on size.

Q. Do I need to empty my kitchen cupboards?
A. We would normally recommend just taking out what you would need over the next couple of days while the onsite works being carried out. Some customers take the opportunity to have a spring clean and tidy out the cupboards during this time.

Q. Can you come out to my home to give me a quotation?
A. We get around eight calls a day regarding customers wanting a quotation to get their kitchen or bedroom wardrobes paint spraying. If we looked at every job we would not have time to carry out work for our customers ongoing projects. So yes we only come out on a weekend and for the cost of £50 to cover fuel cost and time, but if you go ahead with the job we would refund the £50 back to you.

Q. What colours can I have my kitchen or bedroom cabinets painted?
A. We use a high quality industrial factory finish lacquer that can be mixed to any Ral colours, Farrow and Ball, Little Greene or can be mixed to a custom colour of your choice.

Q. Do you spray small items of furniture?
A. We do not spray paint small items of furniture as with all of the preparation then priming and top coating is a very labour intensive process and we find in most cases the labour cost ends up more than what the items are worth in true value.

Q. Do you offer your services in my area?
A. Our refinishing service is Nationwide so we cover all counties throughout the UK.